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Upcoming Webinars We are aiming to raise awareness and understanding of new technology such as the Internet of Things and help Manufacturers deliver better services to their end users. It is expected that the outputs from this Panel will be of value to all stakeholders involved in Smart Systems either in providing or receiving them.

  • 10:00 - Jan 25 – 29

    Benefits for Industry and the UK from the Smart Home

    1. New industry and manufacturing for Smart House delivery 2.Value propositions for Smart Home owners 3.Value propositions for Smart Home systems manufacturers/suppliers 4.Health benefits for Smart and remote clinical interventions

    Address: Webinar Series

  • 10:00 - Feb 22 – 26

    Safety in the Smart Home

    1.Avoiding home hazards in the smart home 2.Shocking – keeping smart electrical systems safe 3.Ventilation to improve health 4.Safety Value propositions

    Address: Webinar Series

  • 10:00 - Mar 22 – 26

    Benefits for people living in The Smart Home

    1.Is a Smart Home worth more than a “dumb” home 2.New smart devices that will save people money in their Smart Homes 3.The value of home caring and associated systems 4.Preventing waste of the energy we buy

    Address: Webinar Series

  • 10:00 - Apr 26 – 30

    Smart Care for the elderly and disable

    1.Smart systems to look after you – can voice assistants assist? 2.Remote consultation 3.Keeping warm and comfortable 4.Value propositions for health providers and NHS

    Address: Webinar Series

  • 10:00 - May 24 – 28

    Zero Energy in the Smart Home

    1.UK’s legal 2050 imperatives 2.What does zero energy mean? 3.EVs and the zero energy home 4.Localised energy management

    Address: Webinar Series

  • 10:00 - June 21 – 25

    Building/retrofitting the Smart Home

    1.The promise of Deep Retrofit 2.Energy conservation 3.Systems and looms and harnesses for rapid retrofit 4.The value proposition

    Address: Webinar Series

  • 10:00 - July 26 – 30

    he Smart Home Overview for 2021

    1.The Smart Home Overview 2.The Smart Home Market 3.The Caring Home 4.The Smart Energy Home

    Address: Webinar Series

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