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Smart Home & Buildings Association.

SH&BA is the UK's industry organisation and knowledge base for everything smart home - formed by, and for, those who live in, enjoy, use, design, and build them.

About Us

SH&BA is a forum for retailers, manufacturers, technologists and marketeers to present their systems, devices, innovations and ideas on the future of the market, with a number of expert panels covering all areas of IoT, smart construction, energy and lifestyle.

In a world more connected than ever before, SH&BA works alongside Germany’s SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e.V. (SHD) and the Fédération Française de Domotique (FFD) to form a European committee to share ideas, developments, and solutions across Europe.


Sharing ideas around the direction of technology, engaging in projects, and helping to identify business opportunities for the Smart Home market.


SH&BA is a forum that allows members to discuss ideas, exchange knowledge and promote the Smart Home to communities, industry, and government.


Helping people learn about the Smart Home and its market, enabling our members to hear and tell others about new technologies and exciting solutions

Our Memberships

SH&BA membership is open to any organisation or individual with an interest in the connected living industry, and with a range of membership options, it's easy to join and get involved.


Individual membership of SH&BA allows a person to be involved in the activities of SH&BA and attend most events free of charge. Members also receive a newsletter, networking information and take part in SH&BA panels.


Company membership of SH&BA is designed for organisations with a multiple personnel and allows up to any three people from the member organisation to receive free access to events, a newsletter, networking information, and take part in SH&BA panels.

Key Membership

Key membership is for organisations with a pivotal role in the Smart Home who have a strong interest in the sector and who may wish to influence the direction of the association and become members of its managing board. Member organisations receive free access for up to 8 personnel at any one time to attend SH&BA events at reduced costs or free of charge.


Academic membership allows up to any two people from a higher education institute to receive free access to most events, a newsletter, networking information, and membership of SH&BA panels.

Government / Charity / NGOs

Designed for people in Central or Local Government; government agencies such as UKRI, Innovate UK, KTN-UK or LEPs, Charities and NFPs. Membership is for one individual to attend panel meetings, conferences either free or at reduced rates.

Young Leader

For those early in their careers in the Smart Home sector, SH&BA welcomes you with a low cost 'Young Leader' membership incentive to engage in the future of the Smart Home.

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SH&BA is keen to grow the Smart Home market and we want people to join us to help make a difference. If you are interested in joining our growing organisation, fill in the form below or drop us an email, and we'll be in touch!

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"America’s smart home market is projected to grow by 62.7% from 2017-2020"

Statista, Inc