The Energy & Utilities Panel is concerned with smart metering, smart grids and smart energy management. It is concerned with the identification of energy performance in buildings and indications for refurbishment. It looks more clearly at how energy is used in buildings, how it can be preserved and how systems such as the smart grid and smart metering can contribute to this together with home systems that seek to reduce the energy consumption.

The panel follows the progress of the UK’s smart metering roll out in order look to see how their systems can help consumers optimise their energy use. It is concerned with energy use by communities and businesses in local areas such that all the existing and future energy systems can be integrated and combined in ways to lessen their energy bills, increase their energy security and as possible to lessen their CO2 emissions.

Issues we are covering are, for example: In the UK power  generation is unlikely to be sufficient to maintain a secure supply in the near future, can local energy systems manage their systems to keep their lights on?

In general, there will be a focus on energy management, new types of ESCO, energy aggregation and the opportunities these provide. For instance “what is the ESCO of the future?”.  We are also aware that potentially the UK could reduce its energy bill for homes and buildings through proper insulation, refurbishment and energy management and lessen the amount of energy used on heating in the domestic built environment by as much as 50% and that this could save up to £30 Billions per year by 2050 (and allow the UK to avoid building unnecessary unclear power stations). Of course there has to be a political will for this.

Energy Panel related Projects

SH&BA and its members have been working on two recent projects in this area.

IODiCUS, which covers Urban Local Energy Systems, and ‘FARMERS’ covering Rural Community Energy systems. The Panel also receives the latest intelligence on what is happening in the energy market, on government policy and how best to lessen to cost to consumers, private, commercial and industrial alike.

Take Part in the Energy Panel

The SH&BA Energy will be valuable for anyone involved in the energy and utility market and for all those who provide services into it. The panel will provide an overview of current status and potential trends in the energy industry and we expect that there will be opportunities for networking, identification of new projects and products and ultimately a greater understanding of what is happening in the energy industry.

The next meeting of the Energy Panel will be held in Summer 2017. For more up to date information please recheck this page at a later date, or go to News & Events.