The Energy & Technology Panel is concerned with smart metering, smart grids and smart energy management and the technology and systems that underly the smart home and energy in the smart home. It is concerned with the identification of energy performance in buildings and indications for refurbishment. It looks more clearly at how energy is used in buildings, how it can be preserved and how systems such as the smart grid and smart metering can contribute to this together with home systems that seek to reduce the energy consumption. In particular we look as systems and complex systems in the smart home as these relate to smart energy, smart management, smart care and smart security

In general, there will be a focus on energy management, new types of ESCO, energy aggregation and the opportunities these provide. For instance “what is the ESCO of the future?”.  We are also aware, and this is the subject of the next panel meeting, that potentially the UK could reduce its energy bill for homes and buildings through proper insulation, refurbishment and energy management and lessen the amount of energy used on heating in the domestic built environment to nearly energy neutrality and reduce carbom emissions to zero and that this could save up to £30 Billions per year by 2050 and greatly increase GDP.

Next Panel Meetings

The next meeting of the Energy Panel will be held on 22nd May 2020. Register HERE. For more up to date information please recheck this page at a later date, or go to News & Events.

Previous Panel meetings

SH&BA held a well attended and interesting meeting of the Energy and Technology Panel on 28th February 2020.

  • Energy and Technology focused on the energy aspects of smart metering and smart homes.
  • 31 people attended
  • We looked at cyber security and privacy and again at the use of edge computing.
  • IOT standards for smart appliances and the Government view to its regulation were discussed.
  • We heard from Mark Lufkin of Wondrwall about their smart home ready offering to developers.
  • Strong interest in the smart homes and buildings challenge of delivering zero carbon/energy neutral homes.

Take Part in the Energy and Technology Panel

The SH&BA Energy will be valuable for anyone involved in the energy and utility market and for all those who provide services into it. The panel also covers, technology to the smart home and cyber (and physical) security and will provide an overview of current status and potential trends in the energy and smart home industry and we expect that there will be opportunities for networking, identification of new projects and products and ultimately a greater understanding of what is happening in the energy industry.

Energy and Technology Panel related Projects

SH&BA and its members took part in projects in this area. IODiCUS, which covers Urban Local Energy Systems, and ‘FARMERS’ covering Rural Community Energy systems. The Panel also receives the latest intelligence on what is happening in the energy market, on government policy and how best to lessen to cost to consumers, private, commercial and industrial alike.