The technology Panel aims at delivering understanding of the technology and issues of providing smart systems for smart homes and buildings including their communication inside the building and with the outside world.

The smart technology landscape now includes a plethora of smart devices and intelligent systems in our homes and buildings and these extend to our cars and the phones in our pockets or handbags. All of these interact with each other and with various cloud data management repositories and these form a large part of the Internet of Things (IoT) the whole being a complex system of multiple communication. The Technology Panel aims to help understand some of the issues and the standards that underlie the technology.

Any communication path that moves information and instructions from A to B runs a risk of that communication being subverted and changed and this is an area of risk that Cyber Security has to the systems of Smart Homes and Buildings. While this is covered by the Security Panel, there is a strong link into the Technology Panel.

We would like to organise a Technology Panel if there is an appetite for it in the latter part of 2017.

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Ongoing Panel Meetings into 2017

SH&BA will be holding its panel meetings on a regular basis (generally every 3 months).