Achieving the correct balance of security is vital to preventing damage to the systems that provide us with the lifestyle we expect in our modern homes.

As it is certain that some smart homes will be compromised by cyber attack at some time in the future, liability for damages when home and building systems are compromised has become an important issue for retailers and manufacturers whose products may be implicated in an attack.

While the emphasis of SH&BA is around smart homes, the buildings aspect is also important. One of the main issues for the Security Panel lies in its focus on product security and the issues this has for manufacturers and retailers. This also has significant implications for building systems and especially legacy BMSs where HVAC and building controls could be seriously at risk as IOT becomes ubiquitous. BMS providers could usefully attend the Security Panel.

The SH&BA Security Panel fills a major gap in knowledge dissemination around cyber-security in Smart Homes & Buildings and all the associated products and services that suppliers provide to their customers. I

t examines the risks and their potential consequences and will set out projects of information dissemination and provide advice to all stakeholders. The panel looks very hard at projects in this area and will potentially work with government to identify ways of preventing or mitigating the potential issues that allow cyber crime. The Security Panel is chaired by Colin Robbins of Qonnex.

Take part in the SH&BA Security Panel

The SH&BA Security Panel should be of value to all organisations working in and around Smart Homes & Buildings. We are aiming to raise awareness and understanding of all the issues around security and cyber-security which new technology such as the Internet of Things makes ever more relevant. We aim to help all stakeholders understand how to make Smart Homes and Buildings and their associated services secure, and how to provide better services to their customers or communities. It is expected that the outputs from this panel will be of value to all stakeholders and their products and services either in providing or receiving them.

Last November the panel promoted a successful conference on security in the smart home which covered all the issues that people need to consider when buying, selling or manufacturing products and services for this area. At the conference, we also delivered a take away booklet “Cyber Essentials at Home” for retailers and consumers. At the next meeting of the panel, we plan to review and update this document in the light of comments received and reissue it. We expect to distribute the booklet for retailers selling into the smart home industry.