The Retailers and Manufacturers Panel

The first Retailer & Manufacturer Panel took place on 15th November 2016 and a large cross-section of the Smart Home Industry were present for this event – Retailers: Amazon, DixonsCarphone, Maplin, ShopDirect Distributors: Brightstar, Data Select, Exertis, Maxiim, Tech Data, Thames Distribution Manufacturers: Awox, D-LINK, Delta Dore, digitalSTROM, Fibaro, Hauppauge, LightwaveRF, Myfox, Neato Robotics, Netatmo, Samsung, Sengled, Tado, TP Link Other: CONTEXT, Consumer Lab, Direct Line Group, Home Hub Installations, The Mustard Concept.

Since then we have held several Retailer and Manufacturer Panel Meetings

The next Retailers and Manufacturers Panel meeting is just 6 Days away and is being held at

One Drummond Gate from 09.30 to 16.30. Meeting 10.30 to 15.30

How to overcome the barriers to the adoption of smart home.

Leading practitioners from across the smart home industry will be attending, including our new Young Leaders’ Forum Members. This meeting will highlight the latest issues for delivering smart systems into smart homes by manufacturers and retailers and how to raise public awareness of the benefits.

Keynote speakers:

  • A retail perspective – Katrina Mills, Audio & Connected Home Buyer, John Lewis Partnership
  • A manufacturing perspective – Adam Williams, Chief Revenue Officer, Lightwave plc
  • A telecoms perspective – Jon Carter, UK Head of Business Development, Connected Home, Deutsche Telekom
  • And we welcome Giles Desforges, CEO of Homeserve plc, who will speak on the topic –‘Water leaks – a £36bn opportunity for the smart home industry’


  • Presentation by the winning entry of SH&BA Young Leaders’ Forum challenge competition.
  • The “Go-to” CONTEXT Smart Home Channel awards 2018 – Adam Simon, Global Managing Director, CONTEXT.
  • How are consumer attitudes evolving? Highlights of the CONTEXT 2018 Smart Home SurveyAdam Simon, Global Managing Director, CONTEXT.
  • ISCF Wave 3 “Ageing Society” funding for Smart Home projects – an introduction – Stephen Pattenden, Secretary of SH&BA

In addition:

We will report on the first meeting of the SH&BA Young Leaders Forum in Berlin while the winner of the Smart Home Young Leaders’ Challenge will present – the challenge was to write a 1,500 word essay or produce a 5 minute vlog on the topic of “How to overcome the barriers to smart home adoption.”

The competition has now closed and we have received 5 entries. 4 essays and a vlog. The winner will receive a £500 prize sponsored by Tech Data

We will also consider the opportunities that our Ageing Society offer as many elderly people have greater amounts of wealth than other demographics and are potentially set to benefit from the smart home more than anyone.

The UK Government has announced the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) Ageing Society Challenge and we will keep you up to date whether SH&BA can use this opportunity to create a showcase for the Caring Smart Home. During 2018, there have been several meetings and workshops but nothing has yet been confirmed. We provide a round up of “Waves” 2 and 3 to generate interest.

In a constantly evolving technological market, the manufacturers of smart home products are under constant pressure to deliver products that are both  innovative and exciting, yet also safe, reliable, interoperable and user friendly with cyber security and privacy in mind.

The Retail and Manufacturers Panel is designed to bring together leading industry players and help them understand the issues, identify new opportunities for products and services and its various routes to market. The Panel is chaired by Adam Simon of CONTEXT who has extensive experience in managing and reporting on large data sets and provide access to the highest quality data in the retail sector. Adam was instrumental in setting up the cyber security conference held by SH&BA in November last year.

Take Part in the SH&BA Retail and Manufacturers Panel

The SH&BA Retail and Manufacturers Panel is a vital source of market and business intelligence for all retailers and  manufacturers who market to people living in smart homes (and for facilities managers of smart buildings). At the panels you will have the opportunity to learn about what people want, what the issues and benefits are and how best to deliver products into this rapidly growing marketplace. SH&BA is a neutral meeting environment and encourages input from a wide range of industries and organisations so it is perfect for networking, growing new ideas, creating projects and products and just understanding the sector.