Health and Wellbeing Panel

Where we live, work and learn can have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing. From a healthy home environment to the design of public spaces and access to community resources, there are many ways our environment contributes to a longer and healthier life.

Ideally, as people age (or if they have physical or cognitive impairments) they should be looked after in their familiar home surroundings. The homes and buildings that people spend most of their time in should be adjustable to the circumstances of their health and wellbeing. They should be adaptable to accommodate impairment and ageing.

The purpose of the Health and Wellbeing panel is to accelerate and extend the national debate between all stakeholders involved in the creation and use of Caring Homes and the associated policies around them. Concerned with the health of the people inside the buildings, the premise is simple: wellbeing doesn’t begin at 65, it is something we need to consider all of our adult lives.

This planning is complex however, and involves multiple stakeholders including architects, builders, care providers and individuals. It is not confined to new build as 80% of the housing stock in this country will still be in use in 50 years’ time, so refurbishment and renewal is an important consideration. In addition, in support of the NHS Five Year Forward View, this improved home environment must enable a new model of care whereby individuals are incentivised to self-care at home, where more care is delivered by the statutory services at home.

Another aspect of this panel is the promotion of the assisted living ready home. The building industry has long since built houses that are incompatible with peoples assisted living needs. Most public areas, shops or commercial premises must have wheelchair access, but the same cannot be said for all homes! For this reason, listing requirements for homes in which everyone can grow old safely is an essential objective for the Panel.

The Health and Wellbeing Special Interest Panel is chaired by Director of SH&BA, Dr Richard Curry.

Panel Meetings

The next meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Panel will be held on 15th May 2020. Register HERE. For more up to date information please recheck this page at a later date, or go to Events.

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Previous Panel Meetings

SH&BA held a well attended and interesting meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Panel in late February.

  • Health and Wellbeing focused on the Trailblazer call and its potential outcome
  • 25 people attended including from 4 consortia.
  • Strong interest in integrating consortia whether successful or not.
  • Looked at the benefits of edge computing.
  • David Adams – ADS Independent Living Solutions introduced their approach to specialised modular homes.

ISCF Ageing Society

Members of SH&BA have been involved with workshops associated with Healthy Ageing. According to the Innovate UK website “Through the Industrial Strategy Fund, we have already invested £98 million for innovation in Healthy Ageing.” It is understood that these funds and potentially more will be delivered to large scale projects.

The initial Call was for a number of small time and resource limited projects to plan for future roll out of large projects under Stage 1 of the Trailblazer Call. SHABA members took part in a number of consortia that bid for this call and it is thought that some were successful. However, the one that SH&BA was a partner of was not, despite what we considered was a very good business case. The call asked bidders to cover some of 7 key areas

1. Sustaining physical activity
2. Designing for age-friendly homes
3. Maintaining health at work
4. Managing common complaints of ageing
5. Creating healthy and active places
6. Care support for people with cognitive
7. Reducing social isolation

SH&BA is aiming to pull together a consortium of bidders to see whether we can utilise the potentially excellent business cases across several bids to rapidly create a strong and commercially fundable business into the future.

Housing LIN

SH&BA also subscribes to Housing LIN and would bring your attention to their report on the recent Innovative Housing Models for an ageing population workshop. See also