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Energy and Technology Panel

May 22 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm


The Energy and Technology Panel Meeting will be held on Friday 22nd May by webinar chaired by Stephen Pattenden (secretariat of SH&BA) and as suggested in the recent meeting, it will focus this time on energy in the Smart Home and how we can deliver both better systems and a built environment that conserves energy.

Who is speaking

We aim to hear from BEIS, Innovate UK and from SH&BA Members and others who have solutions in this space. A particular interest is how we can deliver deep retrofit to address the mass of dwellings and small workplaces in the UK with the objective of rendering them carbon/energy neutral by 2050. It is noted that there are in the order of 25 million buildings that are not currently carbon/energy neutral and that existing piecemeal approaches will not be sufficient. This is a giant task but also a massive opportunity to improve living conditions in the UK and a potentially huge business and employment opportunity.

We are gathering a small group of experts which will cover both the practicalities of deep retrofit, the experience of how it is being done and what needs to be done, government thinking around this and the potential for research and development in the future. We will discuss the necessity of using deep retrofit to meet 2050 targets, grow the economy and find work for many thousands of people.

We will hear from:

Alan Budden, CEO of ECO Design Consultants Ltd. an architect specialising in PassivHaus house design and construction and he will speak about what the requirements, costs and benefits are for PassivHaus.

Dr. Mike Pitts, Deputy Challenge Director – Transforming Construction at Innovate UK will speak about how he sees the direction of future research into making the built environment especially housing whether new or existing energy and carbon neutral what the R&D interventions are likely to be in systems, construction and maintenance.

Ian Hutchcroft who heads up the Market Development Team at EnergieSprong UK (who probably have more experience than anyone else in refurbishment of the existing housing stock) will talk about their approach, what types of housing they can currently work on and what their future aspirations are.

We have asked Oliver Sutton who currently heads up the Energy Research team in Science & Innovation for Climate & Energy at BEIS to speak on what their current policy priorities and directions but then look forward as to policies for UK housing and building stock to meet zero carbon targets and if these can help lift the UK out of the potential recession that will probably be the aftermath of COVID-19.

We have asked Martin Ganley of BRE who is on the Construction Innovation Hub Board whether he would like to contribute something around the work that CIH and BRE are doing in the area.

Stephen Lester of Flint Engineering and who is an expert on energy management, energy conservation, renewables and storage (of all sorts) will be giving a short overview of what some of the technical issues are and some common pitfalls.

Stephen Pattenden will chair this meeting since he has been actively pursuing the objective of finding ways to reduce energy loss in buildings as part of making homes smart for some time. I also think this is a major opportunity of the UK as well as other countries to tackle energy conservation by upgrading the majority of houses that are already built. I will introduce the concepts of a couple of projects I have been involved in. The issue is that almost every house is unique because builders have allowed variations to their designs and then people have modified and extended. What is possible and what is uneconomic and what do we do about it? How do we drive an outcome where every refurbished house becomes a comfortable smart home that can care for and support us in the future?

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This event is free to SH&BA members but £25 for non members.


May 22
10:00 am - 1:00 pm