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Who We Are

Originally formed as 'The Application Home Initiative' in 2000, SH&BA has gone from strength to strength and now represents a significant portion of the UK & European smart home market.

We are passionate about bringing together every element of the connected living ecosystem, from retailers to manufacturers, distributors to innovators, and engineers to marketeers, to talk about the hot topics of the day and the challenges we face as an industry.

Whilst based in the UK, our events in recent times have moved mostly online - allowing members from across the country and beyond to get involved with our panel discussions.

Recent panels have covered everything from how we can use smart home systems to assist in the response to COVID-19, to the impact that EV charging will have on our national infrastucture, and how Smart Home systems, devices, infrastructure and construction will impact future generations.
Future Panels will consist of short webinars in the final weeks of each month up to July
January – “Benefits for Industry and the UK from the Smart Home” (Jan 25 – 29)
February – “Safety in the Smart Home” (Feb 22 – 26)
March – “Benefits for people living in The Smart Home” (Mar 22 – 26)
April – “Smart Care for the elderly and disabled” (Apr 26 – 30)
May – “Zero Energy in the Smart Home” (May 24 – 28)
June – “Building/retrofitting the Smart Home” (June 21 – 25)
July – “The Smart Home Overview for 2021” (July 26 – 30)
SH&BA will be publishing a series of fact sheets and information about how a Smart Home works

Our Members

Our Panels

Our panels provide the focal points for SH&BA members to meet and discuss the industry. Each panel meets regularly with guest speakers, research projects, and networking opportunities. Our current panels are:

Get To Market

The Get to Market panel is primarily for retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and marketeers to discuss the consumer market for devices, including how we can educate the market, as well as overcome some of the barriers facing the route to market for new and existing technologies.


"Our energy panel focusses on how we use the precious resource of energy in homes and buildings, aligning with how we manage energy in the home through lighting and heating. The panel also looks at the drive to Zero Carbon and energy neutrality so the UK can meet its 2050 targets.

The panel covers infrastructure, climate considerations and sustainability, including deep retrofit, construction new build requirements (rather than regulations), energy research, and government policy for sustainability."

Healthy Aging

Our third core panel is particularly focussed on how smart homes and their systems can help deliver the government's target to help people stay healthily in their homes for an additional five years. Working with academics, engineers, and brands to understand the challenges that an ageing population face, and how technology can be deployed keep them comfortable, active and healthy and increase their independence.


SH&BA membership is open to any organisation or individual with an interest in the smart home, how it can be made smart, how systems in it can keep people active and well. We've a wide range of membership options, it's easy to join and get involved. Find out more about membership options and how you can get involved with SH&BA.

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